We have implemented new procedures with delivery since COVID-19. Please see our FAQ #1 for more information.


Q1. What Precautions Have You Set in Place In Regards to the Coronavirus COVID-19?

Great Question! Below is the email Chef Bryan sent to all subscribed email recipients. He also asked his marketing team to pin it on our Facebook page and post on Instagram.

In addition we have updated our delivery process to a NO CONTACT exchange with the option for disposable bags vs. our fabric insulated ones. (Food will be transported in a insulated cooler with icepacks in the disposable bag not touching the outside of the bag and left by the door off with a new disposable glove for each client. The delivery driver will call each client prior to arriving to see if they are home to retrieve the disposable bag from the porch. If not it will be left per usual in the cooler bag with the disposable bag inside for the client to use gloves and pull out themselves.)


Email Dated March, 16, 2020:

As we all continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely, Chef Bryan requested communication be sent this morning to his clients to be rest assured that he has taken full responsibility to ensure that his kitchen and his staff are performing above and beyond the required strict health guidelines of the food service industry including guidance from ServSafe.

  • His kitchen is fully stocked in all the necessary sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaning products, and gloves. He is committed to sanitizing all workspaces multiple times after each use.


  • His staff is instructed & trained in vigilant hand washing.  He has implemented a more comprehensive glove wearing policy where as they are to be worn when handling food prep containers and as always, 100% of the time during any handling and preparations of food.


  • Any staff member with any cold symptoms will be asked not to come to work until symptom free.
  • All delivery bags and ice packs are always thoroughly sanitized every Sunday evening as soon as they return to the kitchen. That has always been our practice and will continue to be.
  • With the knowledge that the virus is transmitted from person to person a new practice for delivery will be implemented this week. We will have our delivery driver staff keep disposable gloves in their car to use at their discretion for delivery and retrieving previous weeks bags. Clients are also welcome to request delivery drivers do not ring your bell and simply leave the bag and send a text and photo of the bag left on your porch. If you would like this done this coming Sunday for your current order, please send us an email by the end of the day TODAY requesting that. Otherwise you are welcome to give us those instructions in the notes section at checkout next week and going forward.

While the CDC has stated that there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food, Meals By Chef B will still continue to keep on high alert of all new findings and take any necessary actions to continue to serve you in the most sanitary manner possibly. Our goal as always is to make meal planning simple for you so you can focus on other areas of your life. We know in this situation we are experiencing, we could not be more valuable to you. We promise to continue to exceed all of your culinary & client services expectations.

We appreciate your business!

From Our Hearts to Your Plate,

Chef Bryan & Mandi

Q2. How long will my food last?

GREAT QUESTION!! Chef B cooks everything from scratch and finishes all meals up until Saturday night.   As a general rule the health department deems freshly prepared food to be eaten up to 7 days after preparation if kept cold before consuming, but let’s play it safe and enjoy them for up to 5 days after delivery.  ***We always recommend eating salad & seafood dishes within the first 72 hours of delivery and raw seafood dishes within 24-36 hours of delivery.

Q3. Where do I find the Macros (Nutritional Facts)?

Click on the photo of the item you are viewing. It takes you to a more detailed page with some of the main macros highlighted. Then click the “nutritional label” button and the label pops up!

Q4. Is there a monthly cost or subscription?

NOPE! Freestyle~ Order as much or as little as you like as often or as infrequently as you wish! We like you but we won’t make you commit! Our food & customer service speaks for itself! 😉

Q5. What do I do with my delivery bag and ice packs?

We ask you please leave them outside your door or give to our delivery driver the next time you order for delivery to swap out for your new bags. We sanitize and clean both the bag and ice packs and reuse!

** Note- With Covid-19 we now offer a disposable bag option. Your driver will call you before arriving to arrange.

Q6. Who actually delivers my food?

We do not contract our deliveries out to a third party company. Deliveries are done by our personally interviewed, screened, and employed team. Typically you will have the same delivery driver on your route so say hi and get to know them! They are all super friendly and part of our Chef B family!

Q7. Where do I put special delivery instructions like gate codes or where to leave the bags?

We LOVE specific instructions! Please put them in the delivery notes section at checkout when you order. The more you can help us make a smooth quick delivery the better! Other clients like you are waiting on their meals! Be sure to call us into your gate ahead of time as well. This is a HUGE help! Just tell them Melas By Chef B is coming. (If you need a specific drivers name feel free to text or call us for your delivery drivers name) 561-903-6222

Q8. Where do you deliver to?

All of Palm Beach County (except Belle Glade) and All of Broward County.

Q9. How do I Reheat my Entrees?

All of our individual portions come in microwavable (and dishwasher safe) dishes. We recommend that straight from the fridge you microwave for 1.5 minutes (every microwave heats a little different). Check temperature and heat 30 seconds at a time from there Gently moving the food around, checking for warmth and steam. Most meals can be perfectly heated within 1.5-2 minutes.

Family Portions come in silver oven safe pans. A general rule is to take the dish out of the fridge an hour to prior to cooking to get the deep chill out. Put in the oven after pre-heated to 350 with the lid cracked for 15-20 mins or 20-30 for more denser meals like Shepard’s Pie. Meals that have cheese on top like Chicken Parm, we suggest taking the lid off:)

If you have the time and are in to making sure all the original textures of the meal ( meaning if you want to re-crisp potatoes or the edges on meatloaf etc.) are recreated, you may want to transfer the dish onto a cooking sheet and bake at 350 deg for 8-15 minutes.

Denser items (Braised and Roasts such as Ropa Vieja, Short Ribs and Meatloaf) will take longer to warm through, and Lesser Dense items (i.e. Sliced Chicken Strips, Sliced Steak, Scallops) will not need much time at all.

Q10. I added something to my cart but it doesn’t show in my cart!

We change the menu weekly and if you haven’t refreshed your screen or cleared your history, sometimes you will see items from last time you were on our site that are not available this week. Be sure to refresh!

Q11. When is the ordering cutoff each week?

Wednesday at MIDNIGHT! Be sure to get your order in each week by that time for Sunday delivery! Most of our clients order between Monday and Wed each week. Chef B adds new feature items of the week on the What’s New page every Monday. 🙂

Q12. I can’t find the product I ordered on the menu anymore to check the macros/nutritional label..

That menu item you ordered most likely was a weekly special or we are not offering on this week’s menu. If you didn’t get a chance to check the label when you can view it on our Nutritional Label Page. We are sure to archive recent menu items for this exact reason! If for some reason your dish is not listed don’t hesitate to text or email us and we can send you the label right away!


Q13. I have allergies like nut or sesame. How do I know if a dish contains those ingredients?

Every product has a nutritional label as you would see on the side of a box at the store. Please click the photo of the item and then scroll down and click “nutritional label” button. See the bottom of the label for dairy, nuts. etc…

Q14. I have a specific allergy.

No problem! When ordering Chef HIGHLY recommends checking each nutritional label and doing your due diligence. He is sure to list all ingredients and garnishments in all labels and descriptions.

Q15. I am on a no/low salt diet. Can you offer anything?

Sure!! Many of our clients like you order our Meal Prep Items ( Proteins & Grilled Veggies Only). However there are a few dishes Chef is happy to do as Low/No salt as well. Please put in the notes section if you would like it prepared that way for Meal Prep or these select dishes.

Lean Coulette

Skinny Chicken

Clean Chicken

Chicken and Cauliflower

Shrimp and Cauliflower

Salmon Nichole

Q16. Where do you deliver to? What time and what days?

We deliver on Sunday’s in all of Palm Beach & Broward Counties between 730am-8pm! We do not take requests for specific delivery times unfortunately. If you are not home when the driver calls you we will gladly leave a cooler bag with ice at no additional cost.

Our driver will call or text you when they are one stop away from you for a no contact delivery arrangement during Covid-19 Social Distancing.  Text 561-903-6222 Email info@mealsbychefb.com

Q17. I would like to add to my order!

Sure!! Just email, Text, or live Chat with us. We can add it as long as its before the Wed Midnight cutoff! 561-903-622/ info@mealsbychefb.com

Q18. What if I need a dish modified?

If we can do it we would be happy to! Most of our dishes we can “Hold the…” “Light on the…” We are a Private Chef Company! We are YOUR private Chef. The best part of not being a national company is that we love customizing to make you a happy long time client. So just ask! Put it in the notes section at checkout. That simple! If we can’t make it happen we will email you to let you know. If the modification is a deal breaker to order or not, email us or text us for a fast response before you order! info@mealsbychefb.com 561-903-6222

Q19. I forgot my password and haven’t received your email to reset yet.

Ugh! We hate when that happens:( Some email servers take longer than others. NO WORRIES! Either chat with us on the website, email us info@mealsbychefb.com or text or call us at 561-903-6222. We can reset it it immediately for you!

Q20. Does Private Chef Bryan “Chef B” Really Cook My Meals?

YES and proud of it! Chef B handles everything from menu creation, ordering, oversees all preparation, execution, and garnishing of your dishes!! He makes his stocks and sauce from scratch!

Q21. Do you have a referral program?

YES! We love sharing businesses we use and love as well with friends and family! This is truly the BEST compliment to Chef B! Thank you for wanting to share our business with others!

When your Friend or Family Member is ready to order, they can use CHEFB25OFF for 25% off their first order just like you did!

There is an option at checkout for how they were referred, be sure to tell them to select, ” Friend” and they can put your First and Last Name there. We will send you a $15 off Coupon Code for you to use on your next order (please allow the ordering week to be complete before your code will be sent…usually on Friday’s) Best part is that you can just share your experience in conversation with people and they will do this automatically and you can earn $15 Coupons without even knowing!! Coupons are unlimited and to be used only by the referring party.

Questions? Call or Text 561-903-6222 or email us at info@mealsbychefb.com

Q22. What kind of chicken do you use?

We buy only the best quality chicken & meats. ALL of your chicken is ALL Natural chicken. Our Chicken is Free Range and Raised Without Hormones or Antibiotics, also they are vegetarian only fed.  We pay more for our Chicken to ensure it’s some of the cleanest and best product on the market today.

We use exclusively Harvestland Perdue Chicken Product, to learn about these products, please visit https://www.perdue.com/products/perdue-harvestland/

Q23. Will I lose weight If I eat Meals By Chef B?

IT’S DEFINITELY POSSIBLE!  We have many clients who stick to the LEAN menu items, and whether it’s Keto, Low/No Carb, or Weight Watchers we can help customize to most diets with various substitutions.  We really get to know our regulars and can answer any questions you may have, just message us and ask, we’re here to help!

Q24. How many does a Family Portion serve?

There is plenty for 4 Adult Dinner Portions (so if you like a dish the best bang for your buck is in the family portion!).  If you are a family of 4-5 (kids included) this is a great buy! It will serve 2 adults and 3-4 kids depending on age!


Q25. Does Chef B customize to my dietary restrictions or do I have to order off the menu as is?

We can certainly try. Email, Text, or Call us BEFORE ordering to ensure we can accommodate. Also, Chef suggests to be sure to click the photo of the item in question and scroll down to see the nutritional label if you have dietary restrictions. All allergies and ingredients are listed.

Q26. I just received my order and looks like something is incorrect.

No problem! While we strive for perfection we are only human! No factories or robots here! Text or call us ASAP at 561-903-6222 or email us at info@mealsbychefb.com and we promise to make it right!

Q27. How do add or change something to my existing order for this week?

No worries! We will take care of it! We can make changes up until the cutoff Wed at midnight. After that the order will stay as is. If you would like to make a change please call, text, or email us and we will be happy to accommodate! 561-903-6222 info@mealsbychefb.com

Q28. Do you have a storefront? Can I come to buy meals from you?

Coming Late 2020! Our Lantana facility is already set up for it! We will be making renovations to make a welcoming store front for you soon. Stay Tuned!

Q29. Does Chef B use any preservatives?

None, Zero, Zilch!! All natural ingredients, all natural preserving! No shortcuts around this kitchen friends!

Q30. Is there a minimum delivery?

Yes, $50 per week plus $10 delivery charge.

Q31. What kind of oils do you use?

Great Question! Lite Olive Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. In specified Keto and Paleo Items we use Olive Oil and/or Organic Coconut Oil. **We do NOT use any soybean or hydrogenated oils!

Q32. How do I get pre-approved for COD?

Join Our Team! LOL!!

Unfortunately we have reserved this option for employees only. We hope you understand. However, we have many options on how to pay (Credit Card, Amazon Pay, and PayPal) and you can save your credit card on file to make next time a breeze!

Q33. What is the size of these portions?

Our Dinner Individual Portions are about 6-10 oz of Protein depending on the protein (Pre-Cooked Weight) and a generous side. These meals are filling for adults and most people find them a great value with generous portions as they may have some left over for a snack or small meal later. Dinner portions are double the lunch portion.

Our Lunch Individual Portions are perfect for a lunch or someone looking for a portion controlled dinner. They offer 3-5 oz (Pre-cooked protein) and a generous side portion.

Our Family Portions are often utilized as our best value as they give 1.5-2 pounds plus of protein and large helping of sides.  If you are on a strict diet and need a full breakdown of ingredients you can see our nutritional labels with most items on the website. Simply click the small “i” next to theme or click the photo of the item to see more details. Usually serves 4 adults or 2 adults and 4 small kids!

Q34. Can I Freeze My Meals?

Absolutely!  If you choose not to eat your food fresh in the recommended 5-7 days (seafood & salads 2-4 days), we recommend freezing as soon as you receive them for best results.  You can freeze them right in the microwavable dish we deliver them in. Family dishes can be frozen in the aluminum half pans!  Entrees are good for up to a month in the freezer. **We do not recommend freezing seafood dishes.

Q35. How is my food kept cool during delivery?

We pack and store all meals in our commercial walk-in fridges, so they’re very chilly when they leave the facility.  Meals are transported in our custom cooler bags with a minimum of 3 pounds of Ice Packs to maintain their cool temperature.

Q36. The “NOTICE” disclaimer message on most product pages about undercooked meats…. can you explain deeper?

SURE!  In short, it is required by law that we disclaim this on our Menu / Product pages  (As is with all restaurants or caterers with a set menu that serves Shellfish and Various Meats to Order) in the State of Florida. Just so everyone’s on the same page, here is the disclaimer in question:

“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.”

Firstly Never Fear, Our Chicken and Shellfish Will always be fully cooked.  Also any of our Braised items such as Short Ribs, Ropa Vieja etc.  are cooked for many hours until the proteins denature and become nice and soft, so very much cooked through, As are all kid Meal Items.  Chef goes to great lengths to finish foods slowly to the proper temps, and then quickly cool them and store products so that they are in peak states for consumption.  Products such as Steaks, Tenderloins, Pork Chops and Others such as Tuna Poke will be finished and plated Medium Rare, Medium and In the Tuna’s Case – Raw (Sushi Grade, Raw but marinated with plenty of acid and spice which Gently Cure’s the Meat, and kills any bacteria should there be any).

By Keeping Choice Cuts of Protein on the Lower Finished Side, This allows 2 things:

1 – For those who like their food cooked a little more (we don’t judge), you may do so easily in the microwave or conventional oven by simply adding a few more minutes of re-heating / cooking time to your dish for your desired doneness.  Remember that Heat, in cooking – is just like salt, you can always add, but you can’t take it away, once something’s cooked through you can’t undo it and get those juices back!

2 – Those like us who prefer Most Choice Cuts of Proteins Medium Rare, can enjoy them as such.  The Disclaimer is the Government’s way of letting us know that there is a risk for any food not heated to an internal temperature of 165 F (Well Done) for 15 seconds.  Especially for small children and the elderly who’s immune systems can be at greater risk of contracting a food borne illness.

I think about it like this, when you go to your favorite steakhouse and ask the waiter/waitress for your steak cooked Medium, Medium Rare, or Rare, it’s basically a verbal contract where you’re acknowledging you understand there are risks in eating a pink or red on the inside slab of beef.  But you’d prefer it that way and if you’re going to spend the money, you’d like it your way :-).  Also please note that at that steakhouse the same disclaimer will be affixed somewhere on that menu, so I’d say we’re in good company in that aspect.

Furthermore We want all our clients to know that we receive and prepare fresh produce and meats closely to the time of delivery with lots of care.  Chef B is (and has been for over 20 years) Servesafe Manager Certified, and his product and customers are his life, so he tends to take that very seriously,  🙂  Chef B Himself enjoys his own product in a Med Rare state daily, as well as his marinated Tuna and He’s never felt stronger ??so please rest easy.  I hope this long winded yet hopefully thoughtful, Run-on explanation has suffeciently answered the question above ???




Q37. I won’t be home til late evening on my delivery day will the food keep in your bags while I’m away?

Our bags are designed to keep food properly cooled for up to 7 hours, if you will not be home till much later in the day to bring your food inside after it’s delivered please message us and we will substantially increase the ice packs so your food will be keep cooler much longer!

** With the hot summer weather you can leave a beach cooler out front for our driver to put your bag in. Please note you would like the driver to that in your delivery notes if you would like this done.

You can always text us the night before for a 3 hour window. 561-603-9222

Q38. What Happens if I’m not Home when Chef B’s Team Delivers, I’m in Florida after all!

NO WORRIES!  We pack lots of ice packs in each bag so they maintain acceptable cool temperatures for many many Hours (up to 7). During the summer months, if you will not be home for delivery, we recommend ensuring it gets brought inside within 3-4 hours of delivery time.

Q39. What do I do with the bags and ice packs?

GREAT QUESTION! If you order again (we dare you not to be tempted to), please place your bags and ice packs outside first thing or the night before your delivery day. If you plan to be home, you can hand it to your delivery driver when he rings the bell.  We will swap your old bags out with your new one filled with your yummy order!   Our Bags AND Ice Packs are re-usable and we do clean and sanitize them after each use so please do include the ice packs in the bags when you leave them outside, thank you!

Q40. Does Chef B Cater?

Absolutely! ALL THE TIME!  Take a look at our catalogs under our Catering Tab on our Home Page. We offer many different packages to fit all types of events and budgets! We have a server staff and bartender if need be as well!

*** Please note, during Covid-19 we are not catering unless it is a donation to a first responder team or front line facility.

Q41. Where’s my food?! It’s the afternoon of my delivery date and I haven’t seen that white delivery van with my grub!!!

NO PROBLEM!  We’re here to help, just text or email us and we’ll update you on your driver’s ETA.  Deliveries can take place any time between 8am-7pm so just text or call us and we can get you a better idea on time if you need it! 561-903-6222 info@mealsbychefb.com

Q42. Does Chef B Take Requests?

YES! Have a family favorite you want to see on our menu next week?  Something you’ve been craving and can’t seem to find anywhere?  Please email ( info@mealsbychefb.com ) or text (561-903-6222) us upcoming menu item requests anytime. Chef B loves to make his clients happy!

Q43. Do you offer Gluten Free options?

ABSOLUTELY, while not all of our entrees will be gluten free of course but a good amount are, and we can also sub out any pasta for a Gluten Free pasta or zucchini noodles.  Be sure to use the Gluten Free filter on our menu! Also, always check the nutritional labels! 

Please email or text us if you have any questions about our dish’s ingredients. ( 561-247-0291 info@mealsbychefb.com )


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